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New Location: 745 Crest Rd. Caldwell - Sand Hollow
All Classes at the New Location beginning November 27 

2024 Semester 2 
Story Builders & Math through Games 
9:15 -12:15 Ages 6-11

Learning & Building on Stories: What Are the Building Blocks to a Story 
Learning about Plot, Setting, Character Building, Start & Finish and story develop to help foundational skills through hands on, listening, visual, and through movement. They will write, use drawings or both to create their own stories and build on their own stories whether they can write well or a beginning writer. Latin Roots too! 
This class is now split into two parts! The other portion of the class is reinforcing math skills with a vareity of math games. We can learn a lot with play and games, and math skills are learned with a quicker recall with repetition. We will do this through many games of different ages and levels. We will have both strategy and skill based games they will play with the level they are at and go from there.  
Addition & Subtraction -  Multiplication & Division - Telling Time - Money Math
Skip Counting - Learning to pay Chess too! 

Early Bird Discount Price until January 15th 
$50 Off if paid by January 15th & Paid in Full
Semester 2 Early Bird Price $380  Payment Below Look for the Early Bird

Story Builders

Language Arts Class & Writing Class whether they are a writer or not    

Semester 2   $430 

Mondays : 9:15-12:15 

Ages 6-10 

Hands on Holistic Learning 

Sparking Ideas 


More than writing: if they are a reluctant writer & not strong yet, this class is for them

drawing, acting, talking & discussion, stories being read to them 

Getting their imagination from their head to the paper or to action

Creating stories & plays with options to act them out & using puppets

Poems & Classics 

Learning story structure & improving on how to build a story :including manipulatives, discussion, acting out, drawing and writing for the level they are at 

Creative Writing 

Listening to poems & stories, lighting a flare to the love of literature & creating stories.

We will learn and improve on how to build and develop an interesting story and the parts needed starting with main character, plot and setting. We will go from there to continue story building blocks that make writing fun. We will add art to help with the creative flow pertaining to creative writing and ignite ideas. 

Building & creating stories using the elements we are learning to build a script with the concepts of story building, with literature as a jumping off point as well as creative ideas to help their imagination flow. They can draw to add to their story too, and for the younger group, tell the story with puppets if interested.  We will practice gently reading parts of our story out loud to help build confidence and some presentation and the early basics or public speaking. We will encourage but not require sharing parts of the story to the group.

We will also play spelling & word games to help build on spelling & reading in a fun and non-threatening way, when we need a break yet continue learning.

We do need a student to be advanced enough in writing to write a simple sentence unassisted without frustration (on their part). Learning phonics & spelling still is ok and expected. We do not focus on spelling or grammar, but the elements to spark ideas and confidence to put it on paper and build it into a story. If the student's handwriting & spelling is less than you feel like is should  "messy" or "barely legible" or have reversals, it's Ok! We want them to be excited to write their story and build upon these concepts without spelling or handwriting holding them back. We will add the creative element with art too. 

Mondays  Semester 2  

2/12      First Day
2/18      No Class





3/25    No Class Spring Break

4/1       No Class Spring Break



4/22   No Class 



5/13    Last Class 

5/18  Tentative Family End of the Year Potluck 6:00 



Language Arts
Story Builders 
Learning & Improving the Elements of Stories  

Literature & Story Builders  Deposit


  • Semester 2

  • Deposit Price: $50

  • Deposits void the early bird discount 

  • Deposits Hold the Child's Place in Class & you pay the remaining full class amount later 

Literature & Story Builders  Full Price Early Bird 

  • Semester 2

  • Deposits Do Not Hold Early Bird Price

  • Full Price: $430


  • Amount due now: $430


Literature & Story Builders  Balance 

  • Semester 1 

  • Balance after Deposit Has Been Paid

  • $380 remaining amount plus $25 Late Fee 

Literature & Story Builders  Balance

  • Semester 2

  • Balance Price: $380


  • This price is the Full Price MINUS the Deposit

  • Must pay Deposit before paying Balance

  • Amount due now: $380

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