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Thursdays 3:00-4:00

Ages 5-13  
Session 3 Begins February 15


These plays will be simple children's musicals, with memorization of songs, memorization of lines, parent's help with collecting or making simple props, help with rehearsal, practice at home and making or collecting what's needed for their child's costume. The costumes & props can be very simple and can be part of our homeschool performing and creative arts. Please reach out in what ways you can help, make or find basic props and stage items. We will have both up in front parts, and more cast parts. Not everyone can play a lead part, please help your child anticipate this. For the child that wants the experience, but not a speaking part, please let me know. We will not provide costumes. You will gather or make the items needed for your child's costume. Keep it simple. 

Our first Production will be
The Enormous Turnip 

The story of the enormous turnip has its origins in Russian folklore. Written by Aleksey Tolstoy, it was originally part of a book of Russian folk tales. is a cumulative Russian fairy tale and Ukrainian fairy tale, collected in Arkhangelsk Governorate and published in 1863. 


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