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Crista Rossberg Legg

Founder & Director, Naturalist Mentor, Farm & Homestead Instructor

About the Founder

Crista started to share her love and talent of educating young people in the Sierra foothills in California where she lived with her family as a homesteader. Here she began homeschooling her 4 children for 18 years. She ran outdoor classes for children of the community in California and in “Amish Country” in rural Wisconsin and in the Bay Area California. She is from a strong family of 6 kids from the Bay Area CA. She now has her 4 kids, 5 step children, 3 “in-laws” and 3 grandkids that call her “Grammie.”

Crista previously opened her own forest school, nature school and coop's  with an integration of empowering kids through nature, Crista intuitively integrates leadership, respectful boundaries as well as the concept that when we lift others, we also lift ourselves. She connects with children and helps them know they belong and building a sense of community.

Crista is an Idaho Master Naturalist, Certified Herbalist, Permaculture & Homesteading teacher. She has developed Explorers Outdoor School of Idaho to help kids thrive and learn both hand and heart skills.  She also is founder and teaches adult classes with Roots Folk School, that fit very well on the same natural farm,  where she lives with her husband Scott. As an entrepreneur by spirit she’s had a Professional Photography Studio & Massage Therapy Clinic and Preschool.  She’s been a 4-H & BSA Leader & other community leading and serving, founder & leader in herbal co-ops, Preparedness Training, Food Sovereignty, &  Gardening Teacher. As well as teaching & leading co-ops, art, PE, herbs, nature studies & guided hikes.

Crista’s had vision for her next outdoor school including a tipi, farm animals and searching where that should be. Cherie and Crista decided to team up & create Coyote Willow Outdoor Non-Profit Cooperative, manifesting her dream in August 2019. Crista & Scott blended their families and created their home making C&S Leggacy farm; where Scott has lived for many years, turning the farm to host the school for kids,  Roots Folk School for adults, with  all kinds of horse riding lessons, & homesteading type living.  Crista loves bringing her knowledge & love into one place for both children and adults to learn, build confidences, plant & harvest new skills and knowledge.

In 2022 Explorer's Outdoor School changed from it's original name, with Cherie's separation. Still on the same natural farm with the programs continuing as Crista directs and teaches. We continue to improve and grow our tribe. There are exciting things ahead for this little Earth school.

Crista is passionate in helping share knowledge & build foundations of nature & homesteading skills. Believing these are vital skills that build confident balanced kids, create thriving healthy tribes & villages. Crista is a “gatherer” and loves to find like-minded people & resources find place in the “tribe.”

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