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New Location: 745 Crest Rd. Caldwell - Sand Hollow
All Classes at the New Location beginning November 27 

Mother's Day Dinner Event


Date : MAY 12 FRIDAY 



This is a special event if for Moms and their child or children. This is for a Grandma and one or more grandkids. This is for an Aunty, or a mentor and the child or children they would like to have a special date with. This is around Mother's Day in celebration of the signifigent relationships of women and a special child or children in their lives. Use this as a one on one date, or a Mother's Day event with kids. You can divide the kids up with Grandma, Aunty, Mom and or a special neighbor. However you choose to use this, this is a memorable & special event. The kids first are dropped off so they can make a craft as a gift for you. It's hard sometimes for kids to do this since they often don't have the supplies or instruction needed for a surprise gift, when mom usually helps with this. Next we have a cooking class, and they make most of the dinner. We have an etiquette lesson. They will set your own table, for you and them (however many kids are in your group) and learn about place settings. They'll select a flower and decorate the table simply and elegant with the supplies we offer. The kids/teens will have some free time too. Then you come. They will serve your food, and you'll eat together. After dinner & dessert we have a gardening project you can do together, to bring home. This will be your activity to do after dinner. We will have soft music and lights around the garden. We'll eat outside by the garden and willow tree. It'll be a special night to remember. 

Agenda  May 12 Friday

 3:30 - 4:00:


4:00 - 5:30:



5:45 - 6:15:


6:15 - 6:45:


7:00 - 7:20:

 Arrival Time : Drop off kids & Instructions of Night


Cooking & Etiquette Class : Make Dinner

Set Tables

Make Gift - one per child & Wrap It

Send a snack to hold them over


Mom's & Special Women Arrive


Dinner & Dessert


Make a plant project to take home and nurture together


Help clean up and departure

if as a group we can begin earlier we will begin earlier so dinner can be served closer to 5:15

Mother's Day Event Pricing

Mother's Day Deposit

  • Deposit is non-refundable

  • Holds place for 2 people: 1 Adult & 1 Child

  • Deposit: $50

  • Total Now: $50

Mother's Day Full Price

  • Non-refundable, cannot be credited to another class

  • Price is for 2 people: 1 Adult & 1 Child

  • Full Price: $125

  • Total Now: $125

Mother's Day Add Extra Child

  • Non-refundable, cannot be credited to another class

  • Add an Extra Child Price: $25

  • Total Now: $25


Mother's Day Balance

  • Balance Price: $75

  • Total Now: $75


  • Session 4

  • Class Price: $99

  • Total Now: $99

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