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Summer Day Camp 

July 30-31  Tuesday-Wednesday
Ages 8-15 We will separate into groups according to ages in camp
We will have another Homestead Camp - Watch for postings 

Farm time...
a little work, play, animal snuggle time making a very satisfying day. 

Relax on the farm, sway on the tree swing, play games, go on a walk on the trail close by, feed rabbits from our rabbit garden, help make a hügelkultur garden bed and plant some herbal perennials & fall produce. Work with wool fleece from out sheep, card wool and use plant dyes.
Bring white socks or a plain light tshirt for us to dye on the first day. 
Farm chores like cleaning out the rabbit cages, mucking a stall, and or feeding the farm animals. What future farm friends are here? Miniature donkeys : Winston & Fiona  Heritage Sheep: Juniper & Blossom
Babydoll Sheep - Little goats - Pigs - Rabbits - Ducks & Geese and more
Spring time should bring us lots of babies! 
Learn about & have time with farm animal friends, a goat that'll follow us around, Willow the super friendly Australian Shepherd that's usually with us. We'll learn some gardening & work in the garden some & about some herbs, work with wool from the sheep here, 
We'll have time to relax on the tree swing, play some games, work on a project and enjoy time on the farm. 


Register For Farmstead Summer Camp
Early Bird Price Until April 10th

For every class or camp you sign your child up for, a registration form is required. Please click the button below and fill out the form if you are going to put your child in this camp. Filling out this form does NOT hold your child's spot in this camp. A deposit or full payment is required to hold their spot.
Please Do Not Fill out the Registration Form Until the Class is Ready & You've made a Payment

Homestead Camp

July 30-31
10:00-2:00 Ages 8-10 & 11-15
Regular Price

  • $120  PER CHILD 

  • Payment Holds Your Child's Spot

  • Pay for each child here 

  • Registration form for each child  and enter child's name 

  • You can fill out 1 Waiver per child for the summer 

  • Non-Refendable 

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