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New Location 745 Crest Rd. Caldwell - Sand Hollow
All Classes at the New Location beginning November 27 

Wednesdays 9:00-12:00
ages 8-13 


We will go off the farm campus for this class by foot. 
Hiking gentle nature trails, record natural as we observe & learn. We will take breaks & nature journal. Learn to identify native plants & observe the trees and other natural things along the way as they change over the seasons. There will be time to sit, sketch and or write and have space in nature. 
Orienteering! Plan, picture, direction and put that into action as we learn use compasses, and work on orienteering concepts; making, and working with a physical map, and compass.




Hiking, Nature Journaling, Orienteering, Plant Identification 

Wednesdays 9:00-12:00 

Ages 8-13 

  • The class is hiking gentle trials in all weather, dress and prepare accordingly.

  • Dress for hiking 

  • Each individual needs the correct shoes for the weather to stay warm and dry in the cold months

  • Dress in layers, as they move they can warm up

  • Need a beanie/ stocking hat 

  • Back pack each class : layers, raincoat, water bottle (something warm in the cold months) and lunch

  • This class will eat lunch out on the trail 

  • We will walk together and at the pace of the slowest walker. 

This class will meet and begin at the Explorers Outdoor School of Idaho campus, as all classes do. Then leave on foot to the trail of the day. Trails close by are the canal trails all around this area and BLM. We have "bottom 2 acres" which is part of the school. We can Walk to the BLM property close by with endless trails : we might meet at this one later in the year.

Because of the nature of this class, we will need you to be on time. Class will leave by 9:20, if we know you are coming and to wait. The class ends at 12:00 and will not return until right before 12:00. Please plan accordingly.


Session 3 Dates

2/14    First Class
2/21    No Class 
3/20  Last Class Spring Break

Session 4 Dates



4/24  No Class 




Session 3

Trekkers  Deposit 


  • Session 3

  • Deposit Price: $50

  • Please Pay Balance within 2 Weeks

Trekkers Full Class Payment

  • Session 3

  • Class Price:  $180 Until Feb 9th  - must be paid in one payment, not available if deposit is paid first  

  • Class Price Feb 10th $200       

Session 4 

Trekkers Session 4 Deposit 


  • Session 4

  • Deposit Price: $50         

  • Please pay balance within 2 weeks        

Trekkers Session 4 Full Price 

  • Session 4

  • Full Session price early bird $180- must be paid all in one payment. This is not available if deposit is paid first


The amount owed after paying the deposit

Trekkers Session 3 Balance 

  • Session 3

  • Remaining Price: $155

  • amount after a deposit is paid 
    early birds are not available 

  • Total Now: $155       

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