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New Location: 745 Crest Rd. Caldwell - Sand Hollow
All Classes at the New Location beginning November 27 

Language Arts
Thoughtful  Writers 
 Ages 12- 15 

Mondays 9:00-12:00 Semester 2 February 12 - May 13 2024

Early Bird Discount $50 Off Until January 15th 


Writing Class : Learning How to Form & Improve On Essays & Other Language Arts Including Latin & Greek Roots to help decode the English Language & improve comprehension. Helping the writer to be more articulate, understand and improve their writing skills, starting from just where they are at. 


Learn to write and improve on a Persuasive Essay as a focus for the semester.  

We will be Learning in part from the Lost Tools of Writing with the student workbook provided for each student. This is included in the class fee. The class will have the flexibility to continue on a home, or do the work just in class. You will have the option each week. 

We will be able to move around, sit on the floor on cushions, take breaks, get to know one another and play some educational games too. 

A student workbook is provided for the class

Please Bring to class on the first day: 

Workbook to bring papers back and forth

Pencils with eraser

Water Bottle Full 

Lunch or snacks 


(interested in a full day? Take a Look at Forge & Woodworking Class right after Writing ) 




Semester 2 February 12 - May 13th 2024  

2/12th     First Class : Look Below at Items to Bring
2/19        No Class  
3/25       Spring Break 
4/1          Spring Break 
4/22       No Class : Farm Week 
5/13       Last Day of Class 
5/17      Tentative Family End of the Year Potluck

 Semester 2 2024

- deposits are only to reserve your child's place & go toward the class enrollment - 
- deposits are non-refundable

2023-2024 School Year
Semester 2 Begins February 12 - May 13 2024 

Thoughtful Writers Deposit 


  • Semester 2 

  • Deposit: $50

  • Deposit is deducted from class fee 

         Thoughtful Writers
    Early Bird and Full Class Price 

  • Regular Full Semester Price $430

  • January 16th and Later

Semester 2  Balance after deposit 

  • Thoughtful Writers 

  • Full Price minus Deposit

  • Late Fee Applies Starting March 1 

  • Total Now: $395 with $15 admin fee 

You may also like: Archery  right after Rangers  3:30-4:30

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