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Frequently Asked Questions

Explorers Outdoor School is a small family run business. We are still learning and adapting as needed. If you are unsure about something check to see if we have answered your question below. If your question/answer is not there please reach out to Ms. Crista via email. 
Your feedback is helpful and appreciated. We would like for this process of signing your children up for class to be as seamless as possible.

  • Does registering for a class reserve a spot for them?
    Unfortunately registering for a class does not hold a spot for them. If you would like to reserve a spot for your child you must either pay a deposit or pay for the class in full. By paying, you will be ensuring a place for your child.
  • Can I get Early Bird discount if I pay the Deposit first?
    By paying a deposit you disqualify yourself from being eligible to receive the Early Bird discount. To receive the discount you must pay for the class in full, upfront.
  • Can I receive a discount for siblings with the Early Bird discount?
    Unfortunately if it is not advertised for a sibling discount, we do not offer one at this time. This includes the Early Bird discount and sibling discounts. If it is not advertised, we do not offer one at this time.
  • Do I need to pay a balance if I paid for a class in full?
    If you paid for a class with the Early Bird discount or paid for a class in full(after the discount had ended) you do not need to pay a balance. The balance is available for those families that need to pay some now (the deposit) and pay the rest later (the balance)
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