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 Farm Crafts & Builders 
Tuesdays 11:15- 2:15

ages 5-12  
Farm Chores Bunny Holding 
Imagination Creation Station Table : Open Crafts & Building supplies for small projects to create & build
Fairy & Gnome Village Play Options 


Farm & Imagination Station 

Tuesdays  11:15-2:15 

If you have a child in Rangers 2 this class runs at the same time. This is a great class to have overlapping for siblings. 

Class before is Homeschool Social ages 5-15

Class Following is Forest Day 

Farm Chores : Bunny or Chicken Holding :  Imagination Station: table to create, build from the supplies we have.  Station for Fairy Cottages & Gnome Village Play too. 

We EXPLORE.... build, create, work, play and build relationships

 This class easily flows as children choose their activity for much of the class as they are also  encouraged to broaden their interests and activities. Inclusion and collaboration are skills we are practicing. Supplies for open-ended nature art is offered, as well as projects to wok on. Our activities and time work with the seasons that offer variety. Offerings will vary as well as have some routine.  Enjoy chatting while working on an art project. We will feed & water the farm animals, as interested & old enough : help clean out the rabbit cages, chicken nesting boxes. Holding rabbits. Recycled materials available too for your one of a kind projects. 

  • Farm Chores: feeding farm animals, and specifically taking care of the rabbit cages 

  • Crafts  (many natural art activities & projects to do) 

  • Free Build projects. Kids love having child led projects that they can build whatever their imagination guides them with supplies provided - we will have supplies that both boys & girls will love   

  • Loose Parts Play : making things that they won't bring home : build and play with and rebuild 

  • Fariy & Gnome Village play : this is not a take home project but it is alot of fun to play & imagine : optional 

  • Free time to play, swing, climb 


Session 1 Dates

Session 2 Dates

Starting right after Labor Day                                                                                                                                      

9/5  First Day                                                                      10/17

9/12                                                                                      10/24  No Class Harvest 

9/19                                                                                      10/31

9/26  No Class                                                                    11/11

10/3                                                                                      11/21  No Class Thanksgiving

10/10  Last Day                                                                    12/5 Last Day Session 2

             Session 1
Session 1 Full : Waitlisted


Farm & Crafts Builders Deposit 


  • Session 1

  • Deposit Price: $50

  • Total Now: $50 

  • This registration form may not work yet - go to the top right to find registration & waiver

       Farm & Crafts Builders  Full Payment

  • Session 1  

  • Class Price:  $195          

  • Total Now:   $195 

  • Registration page may not work yet - go to upper right for registration & waiver         

                                      Session 2 

Farm Crafts & Builders Deposit


  • Session 2

  • Deposit Price: $50          

  • Total Now: $50          

Farm Crafts &  Builders Full 

  • Session 2

  • Class Price: $195  Early Bird Price        

  • Total Now: $195

       The amount owed after paying the deposit


Farm Crafts & Builders Balance  Session  1 is Full : This is the amount owed after the deposit

  • Session 1

  • Remaining Price: $155

  • Total Now: $155       

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