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 Homestead Class
Ages 5-Teen
2023-2024 FALL
THURSDAYS 12:00-3:00

Homestead Thursdays 12:00-3:00 

           Session 1 Full 
Session 1  5 Weeks
9/7 First Day
9/28  No Class
10/12  Last Day Session 1

Session 3
February 15 2024

Session 2    6 Weeks
10/19 First Day
10/26 No Class Harvest Week
11/23  No Class Thanksgiving
12/7  Last Day Session 2


Farm Chores : Feeding & Watering Farm Animals  & Mucking Pens : Learn a lot including a little grit & empathy too

Learning about herbs : Until more recent years, herbs were a normal part of life. Helping kids (and families) to learn lost knowledge on herbs and how they can be used from mountain men, to a homestead, first aid, doctors in the day, to foods, herbs were usedMany herbs grow here We will learn about some specific herbs, their benefits, how to identify, forage & make an herbal salve, or another preparation season depending.

Traditional homestead activities based on the season, ages & interest of the class and real projects & subjects

Learn more of the history of homesteading and traditional ways things have been done, or why

Learn more about animals, how they work together, why they are used, and 

Growing food is an important part of homesteading we will learn some aspects including work in the garden to grow food, plant some veggies to bring home

Homestead Cooking (upon interest)

Handskills & games 

Time to play like kids did for centuries too after the work is done, using their imagination with the supplies and terrain they had

Activities available to kids will be based on their age, somewhat on their interest or abilities for the specific project & will help them stretch a little & encourage learning 

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Homestead Prices : Fall 2023-2024
5  Weeks Session 1    Thursdays 12:00-3:00 
6 Weeks Session 2 Thursdays 12:00-3:00


Homestead Full Price 5 Weeks
Session 1  FULL - Waitlist

  • Price $220 Session 1

Homestead Deposit
Session 1  FULL 

  • Deposits are non-refundable

  • Deposit price: $50 

  • Deposits Do Not Hold Early Bird Pricing

  • Full Price Will be $220 After Deposit 

                Your Balance is $170


Homestead Balance Session 1

  •  $220 When Paying With Deposit No Discount 

  • $170  Remaining Balance Amount 

  • Deposits Do Not Hold Early Bird Pricing 


Homestead Full Price 6 Weeks 

  • Session 2

  • Full Price: $225

Homestead Deposit Price


  • Session 2

  • Total Now: $50

  • Deposit is taken off the Full Price Amount

HOMESTEAD : SESSION February 15 2024

Homestead Deposit Price


  • Session 3 Begins February 15  2024

  • Total Now: $50

  • Deposit is taken off the Full Price Amount

                       Homestead Balance
the balance is the amount owed if you paid a deposit first to hold the class.  Please look at the Full Price amount above. If you pay with a deposit, then pay the balance later there is a                                       $10 fee added onto the total price of the full price. 

Homestead Balance

  • Session 2 

  • this is the amount after you paid a deposit above & $10 fee 

  • Total Now: $185

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