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 Woodland & Farm
Ages 5-15 FRIDAYS 10:00-1:00  
Activities will vary for age of child :Whittling activities for ages 8 & older
this class is not offered in session 1 of 2023-2024  


Woodland & Farm  FRIDAYS  Ages 5-15 

10:00-1:00  No Class Scheduled for fall 2023 at this time 

Farm Chores - Whittling - Herbs- Art - Forts - Open Play - Puppets

We EXPLORE.... build, create, work, play and build relationships

 This class easily flows as children choose their activity for much of the class as they are also  encouraged to broaden their interests and activities. Inclusion and collaboration are skills we are practicing. Supplies for open-ended nature art is offered, as well as projects to wok on. Our activities and time work with the seasons that offer variety. Offerings will vary as well as have some routine. Children have time to explore, imagine and play. Children may play along side a lamb, ducks or goats and have time observe and enjoy their calming or fun nature. Time to try things out, like how to best tie a knot to hold up a branch for the fort. Enjoy chatting while working on an art project. We will feed & water the farm animals, as interested & old enough : help muck a stall, or groom an animal & love on them. 

  • Whittling & Safety - ages 8 and older and upon interest

  • Farm Chores: feeding farm animals, care & keeping of animals like brushing, loving on and for those old enough & interested mucking and pen care and maintenance  

  • Learning about some herbs and their benefits      

  • Art & Creation (many natural art activities & projects to do) 

  • Fort Building   

  • Child Led & Guided games & activities 

  • Puppet Theater 

  • Mud Kitchen & Loose Parts


Class not available for sessions 1 and 2

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